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Aesthetics and technology for latest-generation refrigerated counters and cold cells

Giordano Marini (Criocabin) tells Eurocarne Post: “Evolution and dynamism are our key aspects for the future. Our flagship product is G-Concept, which we will present at Eurocarne”.

“Clothes do not make the man” goes an old but not always entirely true saying. However, in some cases show one's best side is a vital aspect in maintaining high competitiveness on the market. This is certainly the case of restaurants, butchers shops, supermarkets and corner shops - the beating heart of the agro-food sector. In such cases, showcasing refrigerated counters and cold cells  built with a certain creative flair and style can be hallmark of quality that in turn promotes trends in terms of taste and nutrition.


Criocabin is one of the Italian companies specialising in the creation of such exclusive products. One of the most important models offered by the company based in the province of Padua is undoubtedly the G-Concept system. “This is the latest version of refrigerated counters for butcher shops,” Eurocarne Post is told by Giordano Marini, Sales Director Italy at Criocabin. It makes it possible to store meat for several days while even leaving it on display overnight, ensuring minimal 'weight loss' in the meantime thanks to temperature and humidity performance levels that only a glycol-based cooling system can guarantee”.

All company products are much more than simple showcases and cold cells. “Uniqueness is our strength,” Marini went on, “warranted by the skilled hands of our employees who work every morning to create authentic jewels of aesthetics and technology. Evolution and dynamism: these are our strategies for future accompanying us over our long history”.

Despite the difficulties linked with the economic crisis that hit the entire food sector, Criocabin has managed to keep pace with the times by focusing entirely on 'Made in Italy'. Our company  in contrast to trends on global markets,” Marini highlights, “exports everywhere thanks to the uniqueness of our products; we strive continually to convey the importance of customised solutions so that every purchaser feels 'special' and able to share love for a profession that demands many sacrifices. We focus on the strength of Italy in the food sector throughout the world”.

Criocabin's new G-Concept system will be on display at the next edition of Eurocarne. “We believe in this event and its long-term experience,” Marini concludes, “as a way to promote our latest G-Concept project and much more. We will also promote ELLE15, a cold store that combines aesthetics, speed and quality. We look forward to meeting you all in Verona”.

Source: Eurocarne Outlook

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