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Cattle and pigs: welfare must be ensured even in the slaughter stage

This is required by an EU regulation. Simone Berera (Berera Srl): «Our Cash slaughter systems uphold the law and minimise the pain of animals destined for slaughter».

Animal welfare must always be ensured, especially in all stages of slaughtering. In 2009, the EU intervened on this delicate subject for producers, breeders and dealers with Regulation 1099 that compiled a series of rules and standard procedures to minimize the pain and suffering of animals intended for slaughter. Brussels also established the need to assess the effectiveness of stunning methods for cattle and pigs.


To meet this requirement, machinery is already available on the market that is designed to ensure slaughtering that is as painless as possible for livestock. Berera Srl is a company with a long tradition: it was founded 150 years ago in Reggio Emilia and specialises in sales throughout Italy of its Cash Stunning and Slaughtering system.

'This device,' as Eurocarne Post heard from Simone Berera, Purchasing Director of the company of the same name, 'works with blank cartridges to ensure maximum safety when stunning cattle and pigs in accordance with EC 1099/2009 legislation. Slaughter can therefore take place without causing suffering to the animal'.


In practice, there are two stunner models, one with a conventional gun deign the other cylindrical, with trigger operation and quick loading. 'We must take care to use, with each species of animal, the appropriate tools in combination with cartridges of suitable power, in order to maintain the well-being of livestock,' Berera went on. 'Thanks to European legislation, veterinarians have also become stricter in this regard. We are the only company in Italy authorized to issue the certificate of suitability of stunners for animal welfare: we use measure an electronic instrument to measure the power and speed of the stylus fired by the stunner itself. If it is too slow, it is not in harmony with standard'.


The advantages are numerous: 'In this way, we simplify the operations of our clients,' said Berera. He concludes by pointing out that technology is important but only if it is as the service of strict laws governing the slaughter of livestock. 'The machines we sell must meet the requirements defined at EU level in addition to being highly qualified'.


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Simone Berera - Berera Srl


Foto: Simone Berera, Purchasing Director of Berera Srl

Source: Eurocarne Outlook

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