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Eating meat protects health and helps the body grow

University studies and campaigns by trade associations highlight that meat is essential in the diet of adults and children alike. Even the European Union supports meat consumption.

Eating meat, in the right amounts and with proper seasoning, not only does not harm your health but – quite the opposite – helps the body grow and prevents a variety of illnesses, from diabetes to vascular problems. These claims are not only made by professional associations but also important university studies point out that meat is a key element in the diet of adults and children alike.


Doctors at the Zhejiang Cancer Hospital in southeast China have shown that eating poultry and the like can reduce by up to 31% the risk of developing liver cancer. According to the team of experts, red meat seems not to be closely related to the onset of so-called hepatocellular carcinoma. The association between consumption of this type of food and the development of cancer cells in the liver is in fact minimised by a diet that includes meals based on veal, pork, lamb, goat, poultry, turkey and rabbit.


Research conducted at Penn State University in the United States shows that, contrary to current beliefs, eating a daily portion of red meat, provided it is lean, helps lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. Lean red meat, including beef, may in fact be eaten as the main protein in diets for people suffering from vascular problems, together with fruit, vegetables and low fat dairy products. In this way, say researchers in the study published in the Journal of Human Hypertension, it is possible to reduce blood pressure in healthy individuals, keep cholesterol under control and ensure good prevention.


Action by institutions and associations to combat the decline in meat consumption are also multiplying. On a European scale, efforts will intensify to protect and enhance the excellence of the sector in the EU itself as well as in non-EU countries. We must make it clear to consumers,” as Paolo De Castro, President of the Group of Democratic Socialists of the Agriculture and Rural Development Commission at the European Parliament made quite clear to Eurocarne Post,that a great deal of information on meat is untrue. It is not true that it is not healthy, quite the opposite: it is a noble protein that is especially essential for the growth or young people and cannot be replaced by any other similar item of different origin. Thanks to in-depth scientific analyses, we have been able to establish with certainty the importance of this product in the food chain of all of us”.

In Italy, over and above the “Sustainable Meat” project promoted by Assica, Assocarni and Unaitalia, which explains from a producer's point of view the subject of nutritional, territorial, social, and economic sustainability of animal farming, Federcarni Confcommercio has also launched a campaign to improve awareness among consumers about the nutritional values of this important food. More than ten thousand butcher shops have joined this initiative titled “Yes to meat: pleasure without risks”, throughout Italy. They will distribute a kind of handbook outlining how to eat the right amount of meat, avoid waste and making informed purchases, as well as the related benefits for human health. 


Source: Eurocarne Outlook

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