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Efficient and technological: here is the new frontier of meat refrigeration

Arneg based in Padua is among the leaders in the sector. Luca Masiero (Sales Director, Italy): “We always seek to match the needs of customers as regards low maintenance costs and energy saving”. The objective? Ensure hygiene and safety in processed foods.

Keeping the meat served at our tables safe means that large and small distributors alike, as well as producers, require refrigeration machinery to ensure effective and efficient cooling to enhance the hygiene and safety of products. Among the world leaders in the professional sector for large systems such as refrigerated counters and cold cells, there is an Italian company founded in 1963 in a small town in the province of Padua, where its inventions renowned around the world are still built today.


Arneg has specialised over the years in the field of food refrigerators and has intensified study of new ergonomics and systems ensuring significant integrated energy savings. “This is a continually changing market”, Eurocarne Post was told by Luca Masiero, Sales Director Italy for the Veneto-based company, “shop formats, technology and everything else is changing very quickly. Clients demand equipment that ensures energy efficiency, low maintenance costs, high flexibility, ease of use and cleaning. In addition to these aspects, we cannot overlook compliance with current regulations and others that will be implemented in the medium-term, such as energy class labelling”.


One of the most recent systems developed by Arneg include the innovative Astana-Miniastana line of low temperature cabinets. These systems are characterised by a technology based on a dual air curtain and the maximum exploitation of verticality to ensure a good relationship between loading capacity and footprint. Yet the company based near Padua has also been well known for some time for experimenting with the use of ozone inside machines to enhance food storage hygiene and safety.


“Our strength”, Masiero added, “is the ability to interpret the needs of our customers and translate them into highly customised products. Despite being a company with 700 employees, our organization is still capable of meeting the needs of the market in an extremely flexible manner with high product design and quality standards. And to all this we add high professionalism, continuous investments in research and development and optimum customer care before, during and after sales”.


Constant research into new goals, together with technological and sustainable evolution, have ensured that Arneg has continued to be a market leader despite all these years of crisis. “We are focusing on imports and exports”, Masiero summed up. “We are very active in Italy and Europe as a whole and continue to evolve while retaining a focus on the business values underlying our work for almost fifty years”. 

Source: Eurocarne Outlook

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