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Trends and consumers

Eurocarne: vertical value chains for all types of meat, a sector worth 30 billion euros

Presentation of research into consumer habits and perception in the purchasing process.

The 26th Eurocarne, scheduled 10-13 May in Verona, is a business event for everyone involved in various capacities in the meat sector, from animal farming to slaughter by way of processing, storage and packaging of meat through to producers (Italian and international).

The sector overall generates economic value in the order of 30 billion euros and ensures employment for a great many people: 80,000 in the beef sector, 44,000 in the pork segment and 55,000 in the poultry field.


Research focusing on consumers

Eurocarne not only focuses on individual value chains but also on consumer and trade dynamics. The international event will present a multi-perspective analysis of the meat market organised by product categories with the aim of identifying current trends in Italy, starting from an overview of background data.

Eurocarne's partner in this project is SG Marketing, which has already carried out the first stage of the qualitative survey into purchasing and consumption habits of Italian shoppers. On the basis of findings, coming months will see quantitative analysis carried out involving a representative sample of the Italian population and over 1,000 buyers. The intention is to explore purchasing behaviours, the main driving forces supporting consumption and any impediments affecting purchases of each type of meat.

The research project will be accompanied by in-depth trade analysis: some of the leading players in large-scale Italian retail distribution will be interviewed and, at the same time, monitoring will be carried out at certain outlets in Italy, the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Belgium (markets where retail trends are ahead of the times compared to Italy).


Attention will be given to sustainable production and supply chains

“The new formula for Eurocarne,” said the CEO & Director General of Veronafiere, Giovanni Mantovani, “dedicates even more attention to meat production chains as a whole, with the aim of increasing sustainable meat production and balanced, rational consumption that meets the needs of consumers”.

Mantovani added: “Research into consumer habits and purchasing perceptions has not been updated since 2012, i.e. the last edition of Eurocarne”.

Source: Press Service Eurocarne-Veronafiere

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