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Exhibition centre map

Organize your attendance at the exhibition in the best possible way in relation to your specific areas of business interest.

exhibition map



Entrances and Parking areas


Exhibitors' entrances: Re Teodorico (fast track)

Exhibitors' parking areas: see the parking card provided 


Visitors' entrance and ticket office: Re Teodorico

Closest visitors' parking areas:

P4 - Multipiano (2.200 parking lots)

P7 - Re Teodorico (1.200 parking lots)


Exhibition trade categories


Halls 11


  • The Meat Distric: forum area, cooking shows etc. by Costa Group

  • The Meat Experience Area

  • Product consortia, importers and import-export mediation companies

  • Trade associations
  • Plant and equipment for livestock shelter prior to slaughter

  • Plant and equipment for slaughtering

  • Plant and equipment for butchering

  • Plant and equipment for processing of meat and butchering by-products

  • Plant and machinery for meat preparation

  • Plant and machinery for meat processing

  • Plant and equipment for storage and refrigeration in the meat industry

  • Machinery, accessories and additional equipment for the meat industry

  • Equipment, small machines and accessories for meat processing

  • Ingredients, additives and materials for meat processing

  • Materials for meat processing
  • Equipment and materials for hygiene and environmental safety

  • Fittings and furnishings for work and retail contexts

  • Small machines and equipment for points of sale and workshops
  • Systems and equipment for internal handling and storage

  • Industrial weighing systems

  • Packaging and packing technologies and materials

  • Fresh and frozen meat

  • Services and trade press


Services and facilities during the Exhibition


“Dei Signori” Service Center - Gallery between halls 11 and 12


  • Café
  • Restaurants
  • Telephones
  • Toilets
  • Conference rooms (Room A and Room B - 1st floor)
  • Info point
  • Official catalogue’s point of sale
  • Newsagent
  • Free wifi




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