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Exports to Canada: opening for pork and all delicatessen meats without curing time limits

Good news from Canada for the world of delicatessen meats. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has eliminated the minimum curing limit for delicatessen products that can be exported to the country.

The process was launched in Autumn 2014 at the request of Assica (Industrial Meat and Salumi Association), by the Italian Ministry of Health with support from the European Commission with the aim of obtaining the elimination of the minimum curing period of 30 days envisaged for delicatessen meats exported from Italy and the consequent aperture of the Canadian market to fresh pork.


As regards delicatessen meats, Canadian authorities until now had always required the application of the so-called 'extra measures' envisaged in the agreement between the European Union and Canada and the inclusion of additional assurances concerning raw materials.

The new conditions for exports of pork and pork-based products put forward by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency do not have minimum curing requirements for Italian regions unaffected by pig vesicular disease as per European Commission decision 2005/779.


This important result, pursued with tenacity by Assica, was made possible thanks to efforts in recent months by the Ministry of Health and the European Commission emphatically in calling on CFIA to acknowledge full recognition of equivalence between the standards applicable to meat and repeal any other 'extra measures'. In this context, Italy has achieved the goal of liberalizing shipments of its delicatessen products, overcoming the obstacles posed by the persistence of vesicular disease in some parts of the country.


It thereby complements the offering of products that can be exported to North America and especially to strategic markets such as Canada where Italian delicatessen meats are already well-known and greatly appreciated. This market over the past five years (2008-2013), thanks to allowing products cured for more than 90 days and then those cured for at least 30 days, recorded +60.8% in quantity, up to 791 tonnes, and +63.6% in value to 8.4 million euros. This performance was further strengthened in 2014. The first 10 months of 2014, compared to the same period in 2013, saw a further +17.2 in quantity and +16.1% in value


Source: Assica Press Office - Industrial Meat and Salumi Association

Assica - Industrial Meat and Salumi Association is the national organisation that, within the context of Confindustria, represents pig slaughtering and pork processing companies. Activities carried out by ASSICA within the framework of its institutional purposes cover various areas, including the definition of economic policies in the sector, information and assistance for about 160 associates in economic/business, health, regulatory, technical, legal and trade union fields. Expertise, a collaborative approach and reliability are assured by specialist personnel and supported by participation in various association organisations on a national and EU scale. In fact, since its foundation in 1946, ASSICA has always distinguished itself for a strong associative spirit, as highlighted by its membership of Confindustria (from its year of foundation), Federalimentare, the Italian Federation of Food Industries (as a founding member) and Clitravi, the European Federation that brings together national associations of meat processors (which it helped set up in 1957).

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