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Falling consumption: promotions to sell meat, consumers increasingly becoming “flexitarians”

11th may at Eurocarne results of research involving 1,000 purchasing managers.

Meat purchases are falling in terms of both value (-5.4%) and volume (-3.2%), the processed red and white meat segment is expanding (+3% in volume) and the poultry segment is consolidating, posting over the five-year period 2009-2014 an increase in spending by families of 10%, much higher than growth in spending on pork (+4.1%).

This data processed by Ismea, on the basis of Nielsen information for the period January-November 2014 compared to the same period of the previous year, will be highlighted during Eurocarne, the international meat event.


These trends are in line with the impact of the spending review by Italian families, whereby 3 Italians out of 4 have changed their purchasing habits towards lower spending and even closer attention to promotions. In terms of promotions, Italian are also increasingly aware of savings when buying meat, with +2.1% of families making the most of special offers.


As regards food consumption in general, there has been a revival in certain service segments such as ready to eat, with main courses posting a growing trend of +17.5% in volume and +12.6% in value. The so-called health and well-being area also posted a positive trend, with performances of +6.8% in volume and +6.9% in value (source: Nielsen).


The consequence of such developments in meat consumption is that modern distribution must increasingly adapt to the needs of so-called “flexitarian” consumers who seek to limit protein intake from meat (especially red), keen and attentive as regards consumption experience, informed and responsible in terms of purchases.


These topics (and others) will be presented during the Round Table titled “Food consumption habits are changing. What future for meat departments?” scheduled next 11 May at Eurocarne (10.30 a.m., Forum Area by Costa Group, Hall 11). The event will be attend by important representatives of production and distribution worlds, following the CAWI quantitative-qualitative consumer research conducted by SGMARKETING carried out last month on a sample of 1,000 purchasing managers. 


Source: Press Service Eurocarne-Veronafiere

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