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Floors and walls for food sector companies: the material of the future is resin

This material offers numerous advantages: it is quicker to install, more uniform and thinner. Ferraresi (SistemFarm): “Our product keeps bacteria away and is certified”.

A focus on innovation is a winning move, especially in an industry such as food that is constantly evolving and at the mercy of market trends. Advanced raw materials for this type of operator, with a special eye on the meat industry are the speciality of deals with SistemFarm, a young company involved in coverings for floors and walls for the entire chain, from stables (with the construction of feed troughs for animals) through to supermarkets.


Founded in 2008 in Sassuolo, near Modena, thanks to the passion of three friends, all strictly under 35, SistemFarm's special feature in the creation of its products is the use of a particular type of resin, which is charged with silver that in turn releases ions that destroy bacteria hazardous to livestock and final consumers alike.


“All our products,” as Eurocarne Post was told by Stefano Ferraresi, Sales Manager and Technical Director of the company, “respond to the Haccp regulations and are therefore certified to ensure a given level of safety and hygiene. We focus on our passion and a direct relationship with customers so that they are always satisfied with what we have to our offer. For this reason, we make every efforts to stay always up-to-date with new technologies and technical innovations that can improve our service”.

Installing resin floors and walls can bring about a series of advantages for companies in the agro-foods sector. “First of all, there is the question of time,” Ferraresi points out. This type of material sets fixed much more quickly than others. Compared to tiles, for example, we ensure a uniform surface finish that is not interrupted by gaps and is therefore easier to clean. In addition, resin is thinner so that the resin layer can even be applied above existing flooring”.

To ensure excellent relationships with clients not the least through personal visits to the companies concerned, SistemFarm'se reference market is currently Italy. “However, we do have contacts abroad,” Ferraresi continues, “in particular in Brazil, Austria and Switzerland”. For the first time in its history, the company will attend the next edition of Eurocarne. “It is a matter of great pride for us to attend the show in Verona,” Ferraresi summed up, “because we believe that it is an important starting point to become even better known among experts in the meat sector”.

Source: Eurocarne Outlook

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