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Food consumption habits are changing. What future lies ahead for meat?

Comparison of production and distribution. The specialist seminar organised by Eurocarne Veronafiere in collaboration with SGMARKETING is designed to share with stakeholders in the field the strategic lines for the supervision of trade in the light of analysis of international experience and with a view to trends emerging in Italy in terms of purchase and consumption.

Food consumption habits are changing.

What future lies ahead for meat?


of production and distribution.


Monday 11 May 2015, 10.00-12.00



Hall 11, FORUM AREA by Costa Group


Who's it for?

Operators and professionals in production, distribution and services, corporate marketing and sales functions (purchases and sales) in the fresh meat sector.


The objectives

Involve production, services and distribution management in the meat industry in an approach path that hopefully may bring about effective projects to promote the sector starting from consumer requirements in Italy and in the light of international experience.


How to take part?

To take part in the workshop, kindly confirm attendance by 6 May 2015 to:


Eurocarne staff will send to the email address indicated a free entrance ticket allowing the holder to attend the conference and to visit the exhibition halls.



This in-depth workshop is divided into two parts:


1. Presentation of multi-perspective analysis results



a) how are meat buying habits and consumption changing in Italy



The results are the result of an initial scenario survey that aimed to identify national purchasing trends in relation to various meat and/or meat-based products.

The subsequent stage saw the Italian market subject to further and more detailed investigation with the aim of identifying the main purchase and consumption determinants for different types of meat (red, pink and white) and/or meat-based products. On-line focus groups revealed the opinions of a representative sample of national consumers divided into geographical areas of residence (North, Centre and South) comprising approximately 70% women, given their role of taking care of the food requirements of families.

b) effective management of meat department in modern retail distribution abroad

In view of the changes in food consumption that emerged, the workshop seeks to provide operators and professionals in the retail sector with strategic guidelines for the management and promotion of meat departments in modern distribution, not the least through analysis of international benchmarks (in particular British, German, Dutch and Belgian retailers), in the light of needs expressed by consumers nationwide.



The Meat Department management methods suggested and discussed during the event are the result of analysis and monitoring from direct visits (or store checks) involving major outlets in Italy and abroad (especially in England, Germany, Holland and Belgium) in order to detect possible solutions in terms of references, display and communication to provide responses to current or emerging issues.

Supporting and complementary action saw further analysis of the Italian market through single-answer questionnaires compiled directly with 6 meat sector managers in modern distribution (purchasing directors or category managers) and 2 representatives of trade associations in the traditional channel (butchers, small-scale producers, etc.) to obtain an indication of feelings among operators as regards current trends and the proposed distribution policies.



The experience, motivations, choice factors and the role of different channels in the purchase and consumption of the meat categories in question was analysed through an additional questionnaire involving a panel of meat consumers (over 1,000, divided by geographical area of residence and, once again in this case, approximately 70% female).



Comparisons between representatives of retail chains and meat producers

Moderator: Matteo Bernardelli, journalist


Representatives of retail chains

Duilio Ciardi, ASPIAG - meat technician coordinator

Marco Guerrieri, COOP ITALIA - national manager of meat / fish sectors

Maurizio Micheli, MAGAZZINI GABRIELLI SPA - meat purchasing manager


Representatives of production sectors

Serafino Cremonini, INALCA SPA sales manager

Francesco Iubatti, SOALCA - sales manager

Marco Sola, UNIPEG - retail chain sales director


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