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From CAD to FORK: Hygienic Design and food safety

Conference organized in collaboration with EHEDG - European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group and University of Padua (Master in Hygienic Design for safe and efficient food production) joining Eurocarne 2015 to promote safe food by improving hygienic design in all aspects of food production.


Hygienic Design and food safety


Thursday 15 January 2015 - 10:00 am



Veronafiere - Palaexpo Congress Centre, Vivaldi Meeting Room (basement)



From CAD To Fork: the new paradigm of food safety

  • Food safety begins with the design of the production environment
  • Machinery directive: food safety and engineering workshops
  • New auditors for new audits of industries and food companies


Dr. Fabrizio de Stefani DVM

Regione Veneto AULSS, Department of Animal Health and Food Safety


Hygienic Design: an obligation and an opportunity for manufacturers and users of food equipment

  • Hygienic Design: what is it and how is defined in current legislation?
  • The role of voluntary standards
  • Economic benefits deriving from the adoption of hygiene solutions
  • Environmental benefit from the adoption of hygiene solutions


Prof. Ing. Gianpaolo Betta

University of Parma,Department of Industrial Engineering

President of EHEDG Italy


'New' sanitization of work surfaces in the meat industry in the light of knowledge of biofilm and microbial Quorum Sensing

New protocols for cleaning and disinfection of equipment and work surfaces in the light of two new approaches to microbial population dynamics


Prof. Valerio Giaccone DVM

University of Padua, Department of Animal Medicine, Production and Health (MAPS)


EFSA's approach to the modernisation of meat inspection: the impact of slaughtering techniques on the spread of food pathogens


Dr. Antonia Ricci DVM

Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie, SCSI Risk analysis and surveillance in public health


Hygienic Design and design aspects in automatic food industry machines

  • Design issues
  • Food grade components
  • Stainless steel, surface treatments and washing
  • Cost of hygienic solutions and market recognition

Prof. Ing. Roberto Caracciolo

Department of Industrial System Techniques and Management (DTG)

This event is organized with the collaboration of:


EHEDG - European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group

University of Padua

Hygienic design for safe and efficient food industry master

From CAD to FORK


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