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Meat and Sport: Scaligera Rugby Team – testimonial at Eurocarne 2015

Vice President Andrea Mori: “We are great lovers of these products. They are important for celebrations and our fitness. I don't know any athletes who eat chicken or veal less than once per day”.

Meat is the main building brick for a strong, healthy and robust physique. This is well-known to rugby players, a sport that is becoming more popular in Italy following victories over France and Anglo-Saxon countries. And this is precisely why the Verona team – Scaligera Rugby – will take part in the next edition of Eurocarne as testimonials. “For us, as great lovers of such products,” Eurocarne Post heard from Vice President Andrea Mori, “it is quite natural to be close to the entire supply chain and use our image to support this important event which will bring leading sectors experts and operators to our city”.

Scaligera Rugby is an amateur team that since 2006 has trained young players fans alongside a number of experienced rugby players keen to dedicate their efforts towards promoting this sport in the city. Consumption of meat is a key moment of the day for these players, not only from the nutritional point of view but also in terms of enjoyment. “Our matches are followed by the famous Third Half,” says Mori, “and whether it's chicken or veal, meat is the true protagonist at table. Barbecues are a popular and distinctive feature of our sport”.

The diet of rugby players is the same as for any other kind of sport. The ideal diet envisages minimising consumption of foods rich in fats and a preference for dishes cooked in a simple way, without adding unhealthy seasonings. “Rugby players eat meat once or twice a day,” Vice President Mori emphasises. “I have never known any rugby player who does not eat like this”.

Eating meat is important for a variety of reasons. “First of all, meat is necessary,” Mori continues, “because rugby players use such a lot of energy and then because it helps strengthen the muscles that have to be adapted to the various situations occurring on the pitch. The important thing is to always keep the use of sauces and other condiments under control that may be harmful to the body and accompany meat products with vegetable side dishes”.

Scaligera Rugby will attend Eurocarne on Sunday 10 May, the opening day of the trade fair. “We will taste meat during Meat Experience,” Mori concludes, “a unique occasion that will help people learn about and compare the perceived quality of meat”.

Source: Eurocarne Outlook


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