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Meat: consumers appreciate more information about nutritional values and quality but only 1 in 5 is willing to pay more to obtain it

This emerged from an online survey conducted by Eurocarne which investigated the opinions of site users.

As regards meat labelling (modified at European level last December), consumers appreciate more complete information in terms of quality and nutritional characteristics. Inasmuch, the most ‘hedonistic’ aspects supporting the value of meat products and more ‘health’-oriented aspects are trump cards when buying meat.

This emerged from an online survey conducted by Eurocarne which investigated the opinions of site users.

More precisely, the survey outlined two experiences underway in the United Kingdom: the Taste the Difference line by Sainsbury’s, ensuring high-quality meat, and the “Tesco’s Finest” line by Tesco, which provides more focused information about the nutritional value of products.


The results showed that 67% of consumers welcomes a detailed information about nutritional aspects, while 64% appreciates additional towards information explaining meat quality aspects, as a way to enhance taste and enjoyment.


However, while such supplementary information is appreciated, only 33% of respondents is willing to pay extra to obtain more information on ‘top of the range’ product labels. This percentage drops to 23% (i.e. one in five) of consumers prepared to pay extra to obtain more detailed nutritional information. A clear signal that the crisis forces Italian families to keep tight purses but that the focus on quality has not disappeared. Indeed, according to recent reports by Ismea/Eurisko, after six years falls in food expenditure have slowed down with an increase (+0.7%) in purchases of fresh meat.


In supporting informed meat consumption, with a view to a renewed sustainable in the supply chain, Eurocarne will present at its next edition in May (number 26) a quantitative-qualitative CAWI consumer analysis conducted by SGMARKETING, which will involve more than 1,000 purchasing managers.

The goal is to identify the trump cards and effective approaches to stimulate meat consumption in Italy.


Source: Press Service Eurocarne-Veronafiere

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