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Meat: consumers demand more information about nutritional values, breed and cooking

Initial indications of the focus group on the eve of new eu labeling laws.

Simply labelling meat is not enough. Consumers are demanding more information than just origin, which is still deemed to be extremely necessary. Nutritional information, ways to make the most of the product and consumption suggestions are all requested. Alongside origin and health-hygiene assurances, then, purchasing managers also consider information about breeds, animal types and related quality levels to be essential. Not only calories but also cooking methods and times, as well as how the animals were fed. Not to mention new and more functional packaging methods for rapid consultation of all this information. Easy-to-read and immediate but at the same time complete labels to “make the labels themselves more credible”.


On the eve of the new European Union food labelling regulations that will come into force on Saturday, these are the initial results from an online focus group conducted by SGMARKETING within the context of multi-perspective analysis of the meat market commissioned by Eurocarne.


Adopted in 2011 by the European Parliament and the European Council, labelling legislation aims to provide more information about food. New items include more transparency as regards the presence of allergens, more immediate legibility of the label itself, specific information about the vegetal origin of oils and fats, compulsory indication of origin for fresh pork, sheep, goat and poultry meat (the system has already been in place for beef since the Bse crisis).


Source: Press Service Eurocarne-Veronafiere

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