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Meat Experience

The first ever meat tasting event exclusively at Eurocarne 2015. Organised in collaboration with the Meat Tasters Institute - De Gustibus Carnis and Centro Studi Assaggiatori - Italian Tasters.


The first ever meat tasting event

Meat Experience is a major consumer test bench, an exclusive and innovative event organized at Eurocarne 2015 in collaboration with the Institute of Meat Tasters - De Gustibus Carnis and the Centro Studi Assaggiatori - Italian Tasters. For the first time, beef producers and distributors (Italian and foreign) will be able to present their products to consumers and/or potential customers so that they can assess various aspects and features.


The meat involved in sensory analysis will be prepared by specialists from the Italian Meat Tasters Institute and will be assessed in accordance with the Stratus Tasting® method that will highlight preference levels for each type of meat.

Results will then be segmented by consumer targets from a socio-demographic perspective and in terms of consumer habits.

The findings of the survey, analysed at the end of the event, will be made available to companies for their use as an effective marketing tool.


Visitors taking part in the sensory analysis will receive full information about the features of each type of meat presented on the tasting bench and details of the individual producers who they may then have the chance to meet directly on the exhibition stands adjacent to the event area.

Exhibiting companies taking part in this initiative will in turn invite their Customers to join the sensory analysis involving their meat production directly in the dedicated facilities provided by Meat Experience. 


Who's it for?

Meat Experience is a unique event that helps expand knowledge and compare the perceived quality of meat.

The event targets over 35,000 butchers in Italy but also restaurants, delicatessen stores, hotels and large-scale distribution. It is an ideal opportunity for gathering suggestions and useful information supporting presentation, marketing and/or sale of meat to be structured afterwards in relation to consumer habits and perceptions in terms of choice and/or purchases.


The objectives

  • encourage business networks among companies by supporting meeting between supply and demand through B2B meetings organized during Eurocarne as a unique opportunity to meet high-profile buyers;
  • offer participating companies the chance to get to know their customers better by providing them with data obtained from survey involving their products for commercial and marketing purposes;
  • create an 'event in the event' as the basis for developing business areas through the involvement of top players in the sector;
  • promote sensory analysis of meat products, one of the many services provided by the Meat Tasters Institute - De Gustibus Carnis, by stimulating the “culture of meat”.


How it works


Visitors to Eurocarne 2015 taking part the meat sensory analysis event  will register - on-line and/or at the dedicated counter where the tastings will be held - with an electronic system - Stratus Tasting® - which makes it possible to link the type of meat tasted with assessments made by each “taster”.

This system will highlight the consumption habits of final consumers separately from those of sector operators and importers.

Each registered visitor can taste samples of different types of meat in order to obtain a preference index for each product presented in relation to minimum and maximum scores.


Specialists from De Gustibus Carnis will be on hand at all times during the event in order to satisfy requests, answer questions and provide general details, as well as to provide useful information and advice. 


For further information:


Michela Masini 

Tel. +39 045 8298 176 | E-mail:


The event is organized in collaboration with:


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Meat Experience


Meat Experience


Meat Experience


Meat Experience


Meat Experience


Meat Experience


Meat Experience

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