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Meat industry backs Eurocarne for flexibility, internationality and direct management

The Work Group met 30 operators in the meat supply chain: Verona remains the capital of the sector. Exhibition scheduled 10-13 may 2015, road-shows in northern Italy in coming weeks.

More flexibility, more internationality with a network of foreign delegates covering five continents and the advantages of direct management with a strengthened and dedicated team. As well as improved communication across all media platforms and a strong vocation in the agro-food sector, for which Veronafiere covers 45% of the Italian exhibition offering. This is the visiting card of Eurocarne, presented in Verona yesterday morning to the initial members of the work group: thirty qualified realities representing all segments of the meat industry met to share a common growth path leading up to the 26th Eurocarne, 10-13 May 2015. This model replicates the success of Fieragricola Steering Committee involving the main players in the sector to develop an event increasingly made to measure for the needs of its stakeholders.

The opinions of sector professionals emerging from the first meeting of the Work Group (the second is scheduled by October) is clear and rewards Eurocarne's tradition as an exclusive landmark for the meat industry. 'Verona ensures maximum levels of expression for the meat sector and is a landmark for all Italian butchers and the supply chain,' said Gianpaolo Angelotti, President of Fiesa Assomacellai (member of Confesercenti). In all truth, we believe that the great strength of Veronafiere - such as Vinitaly, the ambassador of Italian wine around the world - is its ability to organise reference groups for the sector not only in Verona but also abroad, where products and know-how Made in Italy are in great demand.'

Antonella Zennaro of Rational Italia srl based in Venice is convinced that 'it will be a great Eurocarne because the proposal is based on impressive flexibility and a very strong focus on exhibitors. We will definitely attend again in 2015, because we believe in the event: we produce ovens but we are not a world apart.”

Eurocarne was also endorsed on the animal farming front. Paolo Canestrari, Director of the Vitellone Bianco dell'Appennino Centrale Consortium said: 'Eurocarne is the only event that objectively embraces all areas of the meat industry. It ensures involvement and dialogue with all players, from sectors up-line of livestock breeding as such through to consumers. We take part because Eurocarne helps us qualify our product even further - it is popular, ensures high quality and stands out from mass production. And it is only here that we see strong synergy with butchers, the main cultural and professional figures that can make all the difference as regards consumers. This is why we are already organising specific events and cooking shows for the exhibition.'

Nicola Zambreri of Grossi Carta Co based in Mantua has no doubts about attendance. 'We are partners with operators in the world of butchers,' he said, 'and we've realised that attending other shows in Italy means weakening Eurocarne, which is the historical landmark event. So, we intend to move forwards with a dedicated plan for events, communication and promotions supporting Veronafiere's event.'

Other people were even more explicit, such as Davide Colombini, of the company of the same name near Brescia that manufactures slaughterhouses: 'The world of meat is here, the supply chain will be here in 11 months' time and it is pointless to think about other destinations when the history and the new tailor-made set-up for exhibitors is markedly in favour of Veronafiere. In any case, Eurocarne was always 'our' show, unlike other events.'

'There's a change in the wind direction, something good and fresh,' said Giorgio Scurati of knife-maker Friedr. Dick Italia. 'There is also an emphasis on spectacle, which is by no means a secondary factor for us.'


Prospects for meat

Over the next 10 years, as Elena Benedetti, Director of Eurocarni Magazine, said 'meat consumption will increase, as emphasised by the report of the Directorate-General for Agriculture of the European Commission. By 2023, total consumption of meat will come to 66.1 kg per capita, compared to 64.7 in 2013, a figure down from the previous year because of the economic crisis. And the increase will be particular evident for poultry and pork, while red meat may see a downturn.' These increases in consumption will largely be driven by the new Member States of the European Union.


The road-show

Eurocarne has organized a road show to promote the event and provide useful indications to the meat industry in a number of specific sectors. The first event is scheduled next 25 June at Legnaro (Padova), with a specific focus on beef. The meeting in Reggio Emilia on 2 July will talk about pig breeding and pork, while on 9 July the Eurocarne road show will travel to Milan and focus on consumption and trends.


An event for the entire value chain

The Eurocarne project involves the entire value chain: Italian and foreign breeding associations, mediation and import-export services, the meat industry and processing sector, trade associations and consortia, product consortiums, large retailers, wholesalers and specialist outlets. September will also see the second meeting of the Steering Committee, which is open to all companies sharing the concept of Eurocarne's central status as the only landmark in the meat production, processing and marketing chain keen to help the event - thanks to Veronafiere's overall management - resume its role as the main show for sector experts.


 Tavola rotonda Eurocarne 2015


Tavola rotonda Eurocarne 2015


Tavola rotonda Eurocarne 2015


Source: Press Service Eurocarne-Veronafiere

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