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Meat market: European Union forecasts through to 2024

Prospects presented recently in Brussels. Poultry up, recovery for pork and sheep-goat meat steady. Beef down (slightly).

The meat market through to 2024, as the European Union highlights, will be characterised by ups and downs. Food forecasts were discussed recently in Brussels and for the meat sector - which Eurocarne in Verona spotlights for the public - trends vary depending on product types.


Significant acceleration for the poultry sector is expected towards 2024 (+7%), a slight recovery for pork (+2% but with a positive 2015 - after three difficult years - now that welfare legislation has settled into place) and a slight downturn for beef, holding production at 7.6 million tonnes. Production and consumption of sheep and goat meat are expected to remain substantially steady, after several years of spiralling downturns.


According to EU forecasts, “meat production in the EU is expected to increase to 44.9 million tonnes, largely because of sustained expansion in the poultry sector.” Global demand for meat will also be driven upwards by population growth and strong economic expansion in developing countries, albeit at a slower pace than over the previous decade.”

After two years of sharp decline, meat production in the EU should recover in 2014-15 as a result of the recent increase in dairy cattle, bearing in mind that in Europe “about two thirds of beef production comes from such livestock cattle.”

As a result of lower spending power among families in view of the ongoing recession and higher meat prices, global per capita meat consumption reached its lowest level for the last 11 years in 2013 (64.4 kg retail).


Meat consumption is expected to increase through to 2016, following greater market dynamism, only slow down again. In 2013 (latest data available), per capita consumption fell below 65 kg (retail weight), close to the 2012 level. 


Source: Press Service Eurocarne-Veronafiere

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