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Meat survey: even packaging is a purchase driver for consumers

“Skin-packs” are fine provided they do not affect costs. And the best before date must be clearly visible.

While packaging is a good lever for meat purchases, it does not justify higher costs at a time when families are evidently extremely conscious about expenditure. Consumers always look for the best before date and appreciate information about how to cook meat but are less interested in recipes or the number of portions contained in the package.

These are some of the indications that emerged from a specific online survey conducted by Eurocarne, which gathered the opinions of many users.


Based on the responses of visitors to the site, interest clearly emerged in the so-called “skin-pack” system (vacuum packaging covered by a layer of transparent film that adheres to the tray that also encourages impulse purchases), a model launched in Anglo-Saxon countries and Northern Europe that has already made its appearance in Italy.

The survey sought to investigate the perception of sector operators as regards experience in the United Kingdom (Waitrose®) helping to promote high range products.


The poll showed that 56% of users believed that meat offered in transparent skin-packs is more distinctive compared to all other meat products sold already packaged in such stores. However, 66% of respondents did not feel that “skins-packs” justified higher purchase costs or premium positioning.


In addition, as regards information on the packaging, particular importance is given to the best before date (50%) and the cooking method (26%). Other information has less appeal, such as product quantity expressed as “number of servings” (9%), suggested recipes for cooking the meat purchased and nutritional values (6%).


This packaging survey is the second on-line poll conducted through the Eurocarne website, following the survey focusing on labels. While not intended to claim scientific validity, they do help identify the perceptions of consumers and sector professionals to provide the value chain with useful points for growth in the sector and meat consumption.


Support for informed consumption of meat, with a view to a renewed supply chain sustainability, the next edition of Eurocarne in May (number 26) will present, together with SGMARKETING, quantitative-qualitative consumer analysis with the aim of identifying effective methods for the management and development of modern meat department in the light of emerging requirements and changes in food consumption.


Source: Press Service Eurocarne-Veronafiere

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