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Not only meat in butcher's shop: the shops of the future according to Passione Preparati

Eurocarne Post interview with Francesca Santin, creator of the network involving about 400 meat craftsmen. “The value chain doesn't end on the sales counter but on customers' tables. We have to offer top quality and genuine ready-cooked meals to keep up with changing times”.

Who said that butchers only have products made from meat? The offering in modern shops is so broad and high quality that gastronomy departments, alongside kebabs and breaded chicken cutlets, also have ready meals based on vegetables and legumes. This is the last food frontier introduced by Passione Preparati, a full-scale network that helps butchers and sector operators put forward a varied offering to their customers through genuine and tasty recipes.


“Passione Preparati came about from the need to respond to new trends on the Italian market for meat and other products,” Eurocarne Post head from Francesca Santin, the creator of the project. We started three years ago with online training, even through social networks, for a number of butchers' shops, always proposing new styles and recipes and teaching not only cooking but also packing and packaging. By now, we have about 1700 contacts every day. I am convinced that the value chain doesn't end on the sales counter but on consumers' tables.”

Currently, about 400 butcher shops are associated with the Passione Preparati network. Of these, as many as 23 belong to closed group of excellence known as Passione Preparati Planet, set up c/o the University of Taste in Vicenza. “We teach them how to meet the needs even of customers with food intolerances, such as celiac sufferers, or allergies.” Santin added. “This is the goal behind our ‘E-senza’ line which includes pre-packaged products having absolutely no traces of additives.


Butchers' shops of the future must therefore be able to serve anyone. “Expanding business requires knowing how to prepare dishes for everyone. But close attention has to be paid to avoid sacrificing quality,” Santin points out: “consumers are looking for different, healthy preparations and especially dishes prepared by professionals. Consequently, butchers' shops not only need a butcher but also other figures with specific expertise to ensure a complete service, including chefs and packaging operators, all of whom focus their work on the client and able to serve even vegans and vegetarians.


This may go against the trends but, according to Francesca Santin, “it is a compulsory obligatory step in order to adapt to changing lifestyles. People have much less time to cook meals than in the past and shopping is not always easy. Ideally, people would like be to go to places where they can buy not only quality meat but also vegetables and legumes, as well as tasty pre-cooked meals to take home for young and old alike.”

Passione Preparati

Passione Preparati

Source: Eurocarne Outlook

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