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PDOs and PGIs: Made in Italy products in the forefront

Ismea Qualivita report data published: export performing well (+5%), even though certified production fell by 2.7%. Growth for the fresh meat sector and consolidated presence on the international market.

Italy is the leader for PDO and PGI products. Italy is a leader in the agro-food sector as regards the number of certified products, with as many as 269 listed in the EU Register, for a total annual output of 1.27 million tonnes. Of these, more than one third is exported (worth 2.4 billion euros), while production revenue comes to 6.6 billion euros generating consumption in turn worth 13 billions. These are just some of the figures presented by the Ismea Qualivita Report focusing on the market situation and highlighting such excellence.


However, during 2013, certified production, as emerges in the dossier, decreased by 2.7%, while volumes for cheese and meat based products remained unchanged and actually consolidated their presence on national and international markets. In actual fact, the fresh meat sector grew by 14.4%, confirming the positive trend set in motion three years ago.


Exports performed particularly well, where sales posted +5% compared to 2012, highlighting the trend on an international scale recognizing the quality and genuineness of Made in Italy products, not the least also thanks to recent action in Brussels to protect product excellence. PDO and PGI marks, in fact, involve nearly 80,000 companies in Italy for a total area of 160,000 hectares. Turnover generated comes to 6.6 billion euros, while one-third of production revenue comes from abroad. However, 81% of this result is achieved by the top 10 PDO products, such as Parma Ham, that alone achieves 500 million euros in turnover for domestic production, and Mozzarella di Bufala from the Campania Region. They are closely followed by Alto Adige PGI Speck, San Daniele PDO Ham, Bologna PGI Mortadella and Valtellina Bresaola.


Italy confirms its leadership as regards the total number of registrations. France follows with 219, Spain with 180, Portugal with 125 and Greece with 101. Yet positive results have even been achieved by Eastern Europe countries, which continue to expand the number of registered products. During 2014, Italy saw 3 PDO and 5 PGI new registrations, including PGI Salama da Sugo (sauce sausage).


“We must act,” said the President of Ismea, Ezio Castiglione, “with even greater determination on company levers, especially competitiveness, in a market made all the more transparent in the meantime by the Quality Package which, with 'ex officio' protection, requires EU States to safeguard designations of origin against counterfeits. The outcome of negotiations within the framework of the bilateral agreement with the United States will also be crucial. The inclusion of the protection for marks of origin among the fundamental points of negotiations is an important step forwards and must now be implemented in the final draft.


Source: Eurocarne Outlook

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