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“Piemontese” breed Compral's achievements and prospects

The agricultural co-operative of livestock farmers in the province of Cuneo is determined to promote this meat with a delicate flavour and pale colour. Bovetti: “We continue growing. We are attending Eurocarne to meet new distributors”.

Promote the distribution of high quality and above all safe products for human health and animal well-being. For more than thirty years, these have been the tasks of Compral, the agricultural cooperative set up within the Cuneo Provincial Association of Livestock Farmers representing and safeguarding breeders in this huge area of south-west Piedmont, known throughout Northern Italy and abroad for its tender and delicate cuts of meat.


“We have been on the market since 1982,” Eurocarne Post was told by Director Bartolomeo Bovetti. After an initial period when we mostly sought to market cattle registered in the herd book, in the mid-90s we began marketing Piemontese animals for slaughter through a series of important collaborations with Large-Scale Distribution. Our area  the province of Cuneo  has more than 60% of this type of livestock”.

Four years ago, Compral set in motion a meat cutting and portioning department, thereby shortening the supply chain and bringing livestock farmers closer to the market and consumers. In this way, from storage to boning and final packaging, certified quality aspects are perfectly combined with the quantities needed to ensure production efficiency and reduce costs. Quality is also determined by laboratory analysis, thanks to a team of experts created by APA, to ensure meat traceability.


“We currently manage nearly ten thousand head of cattle for a total turnover of 25 million euros,” says Bovetti. In these years of crisis, we managed to retain our production volumes and have no suffered significant losses. And our laboratory's activities have also grown, increasing by 15%. We are satisfied with the work we have done, as are our 200 members, all in the province of Cuneo, and consumers, who continue to reward the quality of this tender, delicate and pale meat with a slaughterhouse yield of close to 70%”.

There are also good prospects for the future. “We have all kinds of potential we can develop,” Bovetti concludes. In particular, we intend to double our laboratory volumes, with an eye always on quality and product assurance also by diversifying our offering. We will also be on hand at the next edition of Eurocarne to create contacts with distributors and promote our meat outside regional boundaries”.

Source: Eurocarne Outlook


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