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Pig breeding: Ministry of Agriculture gives go-ahead for the national plan to protect made in Italy

Discussion during the sector meeting. The central role of the regions recognised. Martina: "Our support for the pig sector as a strategic area in the national production system".

Promote Italian pork, with special attention on products outside the PDO circuit. The Ministry of Agriculture enters the field with an ambitious project. The guidelines were described by Minister Maurizio Martina during the pig industry meeting. This strategy, according to experts, on the one hand seeks to give a national identity to this type of meat and thereby increase consumption and, on the other, do justice to cuts not intended to produce designation of origin hams.


The proposal envisages that the Ministry coordinates the development of regulations, with the collaboration of the industry and the regions, to create a national food quality system (Sqn) whereby it will be possible for local authorities to make best use of EU funds to support companies in the sector. The Ministry of Agriculture will fund the promotional campaign for the new SGN model.

'We are ready to play our part as quickly as possible in order to support the pig sector as a strategic element in the country's production system,' said Minister Maurizio Martina. 'We are asking everyone to make an extra effort to achieve a quantum leap, concentrating our energies and building a strong, shared initiative'. The Minister also added that the direction emerging during sector discussions is to 'develop elements of unity, putting aside minor details and marginal interests'. A central role will be played within the new system by the Regions, acting as the mediator between Administration and pig breeders.


Other important innovations include the operational operational implementation to the Memorandum of Understanding dated 8 July 2013 signed in Mantua, whereby the Ministry of Agriculture undertook to provide funds in order to conclude the implementation of procedures concerning the pig carcass classification system. In this context, this catalogue and the system of Unique National Commissions are complementary parts of a single project, supported by the Ministry, to ensure maximum transparency in negotiations between breeders and industry.


This at last met the demands of players in the world of pig production. These will certainly include Unapros, the National Union of Pig Breeders, which brings together five major Italian organisations. The President, Lorenzo Fontanesi, talking with Eurocarne Post, had already emphasised the immediate need for 'shock therapy to restore profitability to a sector that no longer has the strength to plan for the future, which is slipping further towards agistment, and that only a year ago had to cover far from negligible costs to comply with new European animal welfare legislation'.


Source: Eurocarne Outlook

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