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Pigs: Spain and Italy join forces for growth in the sector

Eurocarne Post interview with Jose Ramon Godoy of Interporc. “We must find a common strategy to strengthen the image of pigs in the Mediterranean area. We are attending Eurocarne to present a new concept in the kitchen”.

Create a common market in order to strengthen the pork sector throughout the Mediterranean area. This is the objective that Spain and Italy must pursue in order to revive this sector, which is slowly recovering from the economic crisis. José Ramón Godoy, International Manager of Interporc – the White Pig inter-professional agro-food organisation recognised by Spain's Ministry of Agriculture – is convinced of this.


Interviewed by Eurocarne Post, Jose Ramon Godoy took stock of the situation as regards market trends on the domestic market and internationally, and also spoke about Interporc's attendance as the coming edition of Eurocarne, where it will be the protagonist of a series of activities, including show cooking and courses in cutting Jamon Serrano with the help of chef Miguel Angel de la Cruz and “cortador” Sergio Bellido.


Dr. Ramon: How has the pig market in Spain reacted to the recent economic crisis?

“Based on the latest results, the pork sector has not suffered all that much from the negative trend characterising the economic situation in recent years. At least, not too much. Sales volumes have remained at the same levels but without achieving particularly optimal performances. Growth has slowed but there now seem to be some signs of recovery”.


What are the prospects for this sector?

“Our main goal is simply to continue this development trend. Currently, domestic consumption in Spain is achieving moderate growth yet, at the same time, our companies want to increase export volumes by opening new countries and markets and intensifying penetration in already consolidated spheres”.


What can you tell us about the relationship with the Italian market?

“Currently, there is strong collaboration with business groups on both sides. However, the main goal is to define a shared strategy, since there is still no model of partnership between the two countries, designed to strengthen the image of pigs across the entire Mediterranean area”.


What, in your opinion, are the main differences between Spanish and Italian pork markets?

“The volume of production in Spain is much broader than in Italy, although Italy has a much more developed export policy, especially as regards the processed products area. In our country, we give more importance to the fresh market, unlike Italy where more emphasis is given to exports of processed ham”.


Interporc will attend the coming edition of Eurocarne. What innovations do you have in store for Italian visitors? What can you tell us about the collaboration with Miguel Angel de la Cruz and Sergio Bellido?

“We will promote a new kitchen concept in Verona, where fresh and processed products fit perfectly together thanks to the collaboration of these two masters in Spanish culinary panorama. As regards processed products, we will present a variety of cuts, sliced and packed in an original way”. 

Source: Eurocarne Outlook

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