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Quality materials and fast delivery: the example of Linea Flesh Srl

The Vicenza-based company specializes in a special line of trolleys for the food industry. Danilo Pagani: “The innovation for 2015 is food conservation with a new range of vacuum packaging machines”.

Quality materials and careful construction, without forgetting an eye on price. These are the three ingredients behind the success story of Linea Flesh Srl, the company from Arzignano, in the province of Vicenza, which has operated for nearly 30 years in the food sector, offering a unique line of trolleys, disposable products, brooms and brushes to ensure hygiene and safety for its customers. This is yet another example of Italian excellence in this kind of sector through the use of certified raw materials with assured origins.


Our company,” Eurocarne Post heard from Manager Danilo Pagani, “has produced for 25 years a special line of trolleys in AISI 304 stainless steel, in conformity with HACCP regulations (CE 852/2004 and 853/2004 regulations), intended for everyone working in the food industry, large-scale retail and catering. Our products are characterised by craftsmanship and are designed for separate collection of waste and food scraps. They encompass various characteristics: all the trolleys are easy to clean, disinfect, hard-wearing and easy to handle, with pedal-operated covers, wheels for easy movement and roll-feed bars for convenient and continuous delivery of bags”.

This also helps protect the environment. “Our trolleys,” Pagani goes on, “exploit specially developed roll bags in various colours and thicknesses to differentiate waste in full respect of EEC and Local Health Authority regulations in the food sector. The focus for all our products is on high quality materials and detailed attention to manufacturing; at the same time, we are able to ensure a fair price. Linea Flesh is distinguished by fast deliveries, since we have a 3000 square metre warehouse with goods always ready for shipment”.

The heart of operations for the Vicenza-based company also includes constant research and development to achieve the highest possible performances from a technological point of view. “We launched articles quite some time ago to complement processing in various food sectors, such as disposable clothing, articles that metal detectors can identify, and colour-coded brushes-squeegees. This year, we have innovations concerning food preservation: We have introduced a highly innovative range of vacuum packaging machines with bell jars or external extraction systems”.

Another important goal is to expand our frontiers in terms of exports. “For the time being, we are concentrating on Austria and Germany,” said Pagani. Linea Flesh will also be present its products at Eurocarne. “It is a major showcase for our company,” Pagani summed up, “a time for hands-on experience of our product quality and previews of our innovations”.

Linea Flesh Srl

Source: Eurocarne Outlook

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