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Quality of raw materials and innovation: behind the success of Fazzini sharpeners

The company based in the province of Lecco is known all over the world for its state-of-the-art solutions in the world of meat processing, from butchers shops to large slaughterhouses. “We focus on relationships with customers and technological research”.

Tradition and innovation are two sides of the same coin and both contribute to the success of a great many Italian companies that - on the one hand - turn historic brands into a vital ingredient of their operations while - on the other - study and implement advanced solutions keeping pace with new technology. This is well-known by Fazzini Technology, a company based in Premana, in the province of Lecco, renowned worldwide 27 years for its professional sharpening systems for knives and scissors.


Thanks to these devices, everyone involved in meat processing can solve sharpening problems in an easy and effective way. “Over time, we have developed,” as told to Eurocarne Post by the company's owner, Patrizio Fazzini, “ten different models of sharpening machines, all designed to meet the needs of all our potential clients, from small butchers shops through large industrial concerns”.

Sharpening scissors and knives is important for meat processing. These machines must be easy to use, to achieve good sharpening with the least possible effort, safe and compliant with applicable European regulations, as well as efficient. The flagships of the company from Lombardy include the Small and Compact models used to sharpen knives with a certain frequency. “The latter machine,” Fazzini continued, “will be the basis for the launch in 2015 of a new system with a whole series of improvements from the point of view of innovation”.

The company is well-known even outside Italy. “In recent years,” says Fazzini, “the international market helped us through the recession but we are currently also witnessing a revival on the domestic market that bodes well for the future. On our part, we have always focused on the quality of our raw materials, special attention to relationships with customers and, finally, innovation and research. Our machines are all Made in Italy”.

Fazzini Technology has attended Eurocarne regularly for around 20 years. The trade fair dedicated to the world of meat is scheduled in Verona this year 10-13 May. “It is an important appointment,” Fazzini concluded, “especially for contacting companies active in the meat processing field, from butchers to slaughterhouses. It has been our reference point in Italy for many years as regards promotion among potential new customers”.

Source: Eurocarne Outlook

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