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Reliability and efficiency: the success of machinery by C.R.M. Srl

Frigerio: “Eurocarne has been a showcase for our innovations for 30 years”. Cutlet-slicers and burger-makers are the flagships of the company specialising in the production of meat processing tools.

The world of meat processing differs from others in terms of its advanced technology  and the quality raw materials used to build machinery and accessories essential for maximum customization and the palatability of final products. This is well known to CRM Srl, a company that has specialised for nearly 40 years in the design and assembly of meat cutting and processing machinery.


Meat cutters, slicers and mincing systems. These are just a few of the systems developed by the company originating from the province of Lecco, whose salient characteristics are reliability, quality and competitive costs. “When we started our business in 1974,” Eurocarne Post heard from the owner of the company, Paolo Frigerio, “we produced conveyors for the food sector. We then specialised in building machinery for processing of animal and vegetable products. The first to be marketed was our cutlet slicer, which we still consider to be our flagship product”.

This solution is ideal for all types of cutting, from pork to beef and veal: the special blade geometry ensures a precise cut without splintering the bone and reducing waste by half. “We have also perfected our Planus line of burger-makers,” Frigerio continued; “these machines have an output belt that can be linked to other packaging systems to avoid excessive manipulation of the product itself and the risk of forming bacterial charges.  We have also launched equipment to produce ice, mixers and bone-cutters on the market”.

There are also many innovations coming out in 2015. “We are still in the design stage for a number of automatic machines,” Frigerio points out. Our products are ensure impressive flexibility, which can also be  customized in accordance with customer needs, as well as high efficiency, so they are also held in high regard abroad. We have developed a number of important trade contacts in the USA in recent years, given the stagnation on the Italian domestic market”.

After 30 years, C.R.M. Srl will once again attend the new edition of Eurocarne scheduled in Verona next May. “Our company is extremely fond of this event,” Frigerio concluded, “we have not missed any appointments since the 1980s. It is an important showcase for us in terms of promoting our machines and presenting our innovations in response to a continually evolving market”.

Source: Eurocarne Outlook

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