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Research and reliability: how Made in Italy by Mapei conquers the world

Piercarlo Rocca talking to Eurocarne Post: “We will continue to invest to expand the Group while seeking to remain highly competitive and adapting to the needs of the market. We will attend Eurocarne as protagonists”.

Specialisation, research and internationalisation. These are the three ingredients behind the success of one of the best-known Italian companies - even abroad: Mapei. Since 1937, the company founded in Milan has constantly developed, to the extent of being considered among the leading world producers of adhesives and chemicals for the building industry. As a supplier to companies active in the meat field, Mapei will attend the next edition of Eurocarne.


Piercarlo Rocca is the Product Manager for the cement and resin flooring line and talked with Eurocarne Post about the new products scheduled for 2015 and opportunities associated with the exhibition.


Dr. Rocca: what is the flagship of Mapei?

“Without doubt, the company's own mission and philosophy: never stand still but continue to consolidate and grow in time and space, thanks to the solid roots that have characterised Mapei since its foundation together with its values that have the advantage of always being up-to-date. This is the very same philosophy that Giorgio Squinzi, CEO of Mapei Spa and sports lover, enjoys combining with his cycling metaphor: a stage race with tiring climbs and exciting sprints but especially with so many amazing accomplishments and exceptional team-mates. Because - in a constantly evolving market such as building and construction - if you want to keep your balance you have to move and to stay on your feet you must never stop pedalling”.

What are the ingredients of success?

“The three pillars supporting Mapei's success are primarily the specialization of the technologically advanced products on offer that meet most of the needs of customers in the construction sector. Then come research and development: every year, we invest approximately 5% of turnover and dedicate about 12% of our employees in research projects. Lastly, internationalisation, which has deep roots and is founded on an awareness of being able to design and produce the best that can be offered in every sector of the building industry, taking local needs into account and minimising transport costs”.

What are the prospects for the future? Do you have any innovations in the pipeline for next year?

“We will definitely continue to invest to expand the Group while seeking to remain highly competitive and adapting to the needs of the market. As regards product innovations, of Mapei flooring systems are not only efficient and reliable in the field as shown and demonstrated by our references, but recently have also undergone numerous conformity tests by a German certification body - ISEGA in Aschaffenburg - which issued Certificates of Conformity for systems and their use in food companies, officially documenting full compliance with several regulations at an EU level. Mapei's reliability is now proven and certified and the market is proving us to be right in this context”.

Imports, exports: which are more important? And Why?

“Given the critical situation on the Italian market in recent years, Mapei has focused on foreign countries by expanding and updating its structures, primarily in the United States, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Far East”.

What does taking part in the next edition of Eurocarne mean for your company?

“The Mapei Group has always been keep to grasp every opportunity to take a direct market approach as regards its consumers, in this case meat companies, by offering technical and commercial solutions designed and developed to meet the specific needs of potential users.

Eurocarne is the most important event for operators in the meat chain, the meeting place for those who offer specific solutions, where Mapei is determined to enjoy a leading role by building on its experience and its references. We do not afraid of the crisis but tackle it in a decisive and aware manner by investing time and resources, since we believe that this is the only way to find a way ahead. Eurocarne is a means and an opportunity to demonstrate this”.


Source: Eurocarne Outlook

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