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Safety and innovation: the experience of G.R. System from the slaughterhouse to meat processing

The company based in the province of Parma has thirty years of experience in the construction and installation of slaughtering and processing machinery. Gianni Rovani told Eurocarne Post: “We intend to increase the quality level of our lines and complete the development of new prototypes”.

Innovation is a key element for companies operating in the constantly evolving agro-food sector and its significant market potential. Over the last thirty years or so, one of the most prominent Italian companies in the meat sector is G.R. System, founded in 1982 in the province of Parma. It deals with construction and installation of machinery for livestock slaughtering and meat processing.


“The company offers its customers,” as Eurocarne Post heard from the founder, engineer Gianni Rovani, “the implementation of complete lines, from design to final testing, while also continual technical service over time thanks to its staff of specialist technicians. We propose customised solutions able to combine technological innovation, ease of use and maintenance. For us, upholding the new machinery directive 2006/42/EC, health-hygiene standards and animal welfare requirements is very important”.


Specifically, the company based in Traversetolo essentially specialises in the construction of lines for slaughtering small, medium and large red meat livestock. “Yet we also handle projects for re-development, harmonisation with regulations and maintenance of existing plants,” adds Ing. Rovani. We build manual and automatic overhead conveying lines designed to meet customer needs on the basis of our long-term technical expertise entirely in-house. Lastly, we also build waste water depuration systems, as well as providing a technical assistance service designed to attain maximum performance levels”.

A history of success based on hard work and professionalism that we also must continue in the future. Our aim is to achieve two primary objectives,” says Rovani. The first involves achieving even further improvements in the quality of our lines, machinery, production processes and all other resources. The second is no less important and focuses in completing study and development of new prototypes currently in hand”.

These projects involve special equipment such as agro-food engineering of all kinds, slaughterhouses and delicatessen meat processing, through to boning rooms and fixed or rotary tables. Everything is made in stainless steel in compliance with current EU safety standards. This is because, Ing. Rovani concludes, “The Company’s strong point is still the Italian market, without, however, overlooking international outlets”.

Source: Eurocarne Outlook

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