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"Sblocca Italia" - new measures to support Made in Italy

Promotion and protection of excellence in Italian agro-foods included in the Decree approved by the Council of Ministers. Enforcement action is also envisaged to combat counterfeiting as well as the development of a hallmark for Italian products.

More support and protection for Made in Italy agro-food products. This, in a nutshell, is the core measure focusing on agriculture and animal farming in the so-called “Sblocca Italia Decree”, approved recently by Council of Ministers that will involve an impressive investment of 10 billion euros in 12 months to revive the country's competitiveness. This is a package of rules concerning, on the one hand, the international promotion of excellence in Italian produce and the ability to attract investments, finalised by the Ministry of Economic Development in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture.


In particular, these measures identify four main directions for the action which will receive most of the funds set aside by the plan. First and foremost, the promotion of excellence in agro-food products as a way to safeguard Italian brands outside national borders, with certification of the quality and origin of companies, together with support for promoting these products on various markets including through special agreements with distribution networks.


There is also emphasis on the implementation of campaigns and enforcement tools to combat so-called Italian sounding counterfeits all over the world, i.e. the use of geographical names, images and logos that evoke Italy to market products that have no connection at all with our country. This phenomenon has generated an estimated annual turnover of around 54 billion euros, more than 147 million euros per day: twice the current value of Italian exports of agro-food products.


For this reason, the decree also mentions an undertaking to implement a distinctive hallmark for agricultural and animal faming products to facilitate their promotion abroad, not the least in view of Expo 2015. In 2013 alone, exports in the agro-food sector posted a record figure of 33.4 billion euros, with an increase of 5 billion euros over the last four years. These are significant figures that confirm this sector as one of the most strategic for the country's economic recovery. The goal is the so-called 50 Quota - i.e. achieve 50 billion euros for agro-food exports by 2020.


'The actions included in the 'Sblocca Italia' decree will help companies achieve significant improvements and increase export turnover through new tools for the promotion and protection of Made in Italy foodstuffs,' said Minister Maurizio Martina. Martina also pointed out that 'the plan has important financial coverage and is designed to exploit an important appointment for Italian agro-foods such as Expo Milan 2015 to the full'. 


Source: Eurocarne Outlook

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