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Simplicity and safety: the new frontier for knife-sharpeners is Fast Blade

The machine, built by Menegon Ennio Sas, is indispensable for chefs and butchers and ensures fine sharpening while also reducing processing times. “We have focused on quality and efficiency”.

Convenience, safety and simplicity. Generally speaking, these are the main aspects that operators in the food sector – and the meat sector in particular – seek when purchasing industrial machinery for working and processing raw materials and products intended for direct consumption. This is why Menegon Ennio Sas, a company based in the province of Vicenza with 40 years of experience in construction of customised dies and systems, sought to create equipment embodying all these features.


As a result, three years ago the Fast Blade, the new generation professional sharpening system made its debut for use by butchers, chefs and meat cutting experts. The system ensures fine sharpening while dramatically reducing processing times. “We have focused on quality and efficiency”, Eurocarne Post was told by owner Ennio Menegon, “by investing in Made in Italy and ensuring the due status of this machinery by taking out patents on an international scale”.


The system can be used to sharpen steel and ceramic knives with a single pass and its simplicity and safety mean that it is easy to use even by people not necessarily expert in this sector. “What distinguishes Fast Blade from other commercially available systems”, Menegon goes on, “is the possibility of obtaining a more or less acute blade profile angle depending on how the knife is used. Thanks to a central locking ring, angles of 30, 38, 45, 50 and 55 degrees can be set. The heart of the machine is a set of discs supporting 3 abrasive belts having different grain size and designs which can be replaced in seconds to continue working in complete safety”.


Despite the economic crisis that has also hit this sector in recent years, the keyword is: growth. “We hope”, says the owner of the Vicenza-based company, “that it will be possible to get busy working again soon. We already have two other projects in the pipeline waiting to be developed at the right time from an economic point of view: one is a sharpener for ordinary people, ideal for homes, and a more complete system for caterers, butchers, delicatessens and supermarkets, characterized by a suction system to remove powders while knives are being sharpened”. 

Quelle: Eurocarne Outlook

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