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U.E.C.B.V. - Union Européenne du Commerce du Bétail et des Métiers de la Viande

The European Livestock and Meat Trades Union.



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UECBV is the European Livestock and Meat Trades Union. 

It represents at the EU level the national federations of the:

  • livestock traders;
  • livestock markets;
  • meat industry: slaughterhouses, cutting and preparation plants;
  • wholesale meat traders;
  • international meat traders.

UECBV focuses on:

  • cattle, beef;
  • horses, horsemeat;
  • sheep and goats, sheep and goat meat;
  • pigs, pork.  

EU meat chain

UECBV - European Livestock and Meat Trading Union



Today, UECBV represents:


In total, some 20,000 firms of all sizes and over 230,000 jobs are represented within the UECBV through its national member federations.


UECBV - European Livestock and Meat Trading Union


UECBV’s objective is to achieve an optimum business climate for the livestock and meat industry across the European Union and to strengthen the competitiveness of the industry as a whole.

In particular:

  • represent and defend the meat sector towards the European Institutions;
  • promote EU trade and international trade;
  • deepen the internal market;
  • combat distortions of competition. 


- Agriculture

  • single common market organization
  • horizontal matters / market mechanisms
  • animal product market (beef, pork, poultry meat, sheep meat)
  • management of market measures
  • import quota management
  • direct support
  • agricultural policy analysis / perspectives
  • CAP
  • rural development
  • sustainability and quality
  • promotion
  • consumer perception / image of meat
  • legal affairs / infringement procedure
  • simplification
  • advisory groups

- Health and Consumers

  • animal health
  • animal welfare
  • import requirements
  • international affairs (SPS)
  • biotechnology
  • chemicals/contaminants
  • nutrition, control and inspection
  • food law / hygiene / public health, alert system
  • legal affairs / infringement procedure
  • food information (labeling)
  • advisory groups

- Customs and indirect taxation

  • customs legislation
  • import & export formalities
  • customs code
  • combined nomenclature / tariff classification
  • tarif quota management
  • transit procedure
  • indirect taxation (VAT, excise duties)

- Competition

- Industry and EU funded reasearch projects

- Climate change and environment

- Social affairs


The UECBV supports the future of the meat sector by managing YEMCo - the Young European Meat Committee - an exchange of best practice platform dedicated to young executives and managers of European livestock and meat business firms.


UECBV’s network

UECBV takes part in a large number of meetings, working groups, workshops, committees and high-level conferences on various issues in which its members feel an interest.

  • EU and third countries operators in the meat industry, livestock and meat traders;
  • EU institutions and international bodies;
  • third countries national competent authorities;
  • EU and international NGOs;
  • scientific institutions.

U.E.C.B.V. - European Livestock and Meat Trading Union

Jean-Luc Mériaux, Secretary general

81/A, Rue de la Loi (box 9) - 4th floor

1040 - Brussels (Belgium)

Tel. +32 2 230 46 03



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