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YEMCo - Young European Meat Committee

The Young European Meat Committee of the UECBV, the European Livestock and Meat Trading Union.


President Eva Moser


The ‛Young European Meat Committee’ (YEMCo) is part of the European Livestock and Meat Trades Union (UECBV).
YEMCo serves as the leading ‛think tank’ of over 400 young executives and managers of European commercial and industrial firms engaged in livestock and meat business. Hosting conferences twice a year, informal dinners and other network events, YEMCo is a privileged prime forum for exchanging ideas and experiences amongst meat business leaders at European level.
These conferences allow young managers to meet and analyze all the key areas in relation to the meat industry (e.g. consumption pattern, retail, technology, international trade, food safety etc.) serving their interest in addressing competitiveness through a sustainable practice in their business.


YEMCo’s activity establishes a wide network of young professionals in the European meat industry, allowing for cross-border cooperation and greater business opportunities.

In 2011, YEMCo celebrated its 10th anniversary.


Some interesting facts on YEMCo conferences:

  • Number: since its launch in Sept. 2001, this is the 22nd YEMCo conference, always counting between 60-90 participants, with highest levels reached in Dublin and former one in Bologna (around 100).
  • Friends of YEMCo: the number of friends since 2005 has raised from 189 to, now, in 2013, 409, and registration requests keep on going.
  • Locations: YEMCo conferences have already been organised twice in IE, FR, NL, BE, UK and DE, once in IT and Switzerland and this year for the first time in the USA.


To learn more about the visits and topics addressed during YEMCO’s conferences please have a look at our former reports:


Why join YEMCo?


- Competitive advantage to other professionals in the meat industry

YEMCo members exchange ideas and experiences with VIPs of the European Meat and Agri-Food industries, learn about different business approaches, analyze and discuss opportunities and threats facing the EU meat sector in the medium and long term.

- Make your voice heard at the EU level through YEMCo

YEMCo members have access to well–established European interest representations for the meat and agri-food industry at European level.


- Participation in YEMCo conferences

Twice a year, YEMCo organizes a major 2-day conference. They are the highlights of the YEMCo network. At these meetings, YEMCo is graced with the presence of VIPs representing not only the meat industry but also the agri-food industry who serve as advisers and guides to young entrepreneurs.

- Regular update on EU policy in the meat industry

On a monthly basis, YEMCo members receive a newsletter informing members about the changes in the European Union's policies and legislation that affect the meat and livestock sector.


YEMCo - Young European Meat Committee

Rue de la Loi 81/A (box 9) - 4th floor
1040 Brussels (Belgium)

Tel. +32 2 230 46 03

Fax +32 2 230 94 00



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